4 Bodybuilding Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing

You may have listened from many websites, different forums, and the self-made blogs which are ended up with the false information and myths that are proven to wrong but, still some people think that it is completely true.

top bodybuilding myths and facts
Bodybuilding Myths

Whether you are a fitness fan, athlete or a bodybuilder, you might have experience many myths and the misconceptions regarding to the nutrition and workout in a bodybuilding.

When it’s about the bodybuilding workout and nutrition, so there are many things are available on the different sources in which some are really true and some may only confused you.

In our modern world, different apps tell you about macro goals and a lot of information is present regarding to bodybuilding.

It is impossible to think that there is information floating on the website are not updated.

There are more chances that the wrong information can be shared with many repetitions by many peoples.

Thus, it is common that more peoples are following wrong myths and information as well.

The bodybuilders are also experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety due to the myths.

Bodybuilding Guide You Should Follow

Many peoples who often believe in the myths or some of them neglect them.

In this article, I have written the things that are completely guide you about the building of muscle, cut down excess fat, nutrition, workout, and the overall bodybuilding.

I want to make sure you that you have an enough information is available.

There are many bodybuilding myths are available on the websites that you should stop believing.

You can find some myths here,

Myth #1: Nutrition Myths

1) The Bad Diet

One of the rumor is that some of the peoples are the genetically-gifted level of the metabolism.

bad diet
bad diet for bodybuilders

It is assumed that they do not have any fear of eating junk foods and staying lean. They have a choice to eat everything whatever they want.

There is no any restriction for lifting or hitting the weight.

Well, it is not suitable for everyone or those who want to get chiseled physique.

Nutrition is one of the main parts of the bodybuilding more than the workouts and lifting of weight.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread about macro-nutrients.

You cannot eat many proteins, carbohydrates, and fat because it causes gaining weight and not good for cardiovascular health.

The nutrition myths are not long or proved.

The proper nutrition is to check out the calories limit and set the limit and adjust these diet with respect to bulking, cutting, and enhancing performance.

The high protein diet, carbohydrate, and the fad diet are used for the maximum muscle growth.

When your goal is to get shredded or ripped so, limit your calorie intake and increased the protein consumption.

You can use MyFitnessPal for tracking the calories count and what should you eat.

The weight training and cardio exercises are the best to burn out the excess calories but, it is not useful for junk foods.

Make sure, nutrition is not just only track the calories. You should put the calories from quality foods.

There are many famous bodybuilders who are eating junk foods like French fries and cold-drinks also.

2) Avoid Eat Before The Gym

It is assumed that you should not eat before a gym.

Before performing any workout, you should have an amount of the energy which comes from the food and drinking the shakes.

Doing work out on the empty stomach is not a good thing that you are doing.

Starving after the gym is more likely encourage you to eat more than a normal.

The most common foods that are usually eating before performing any workout are protein bars, bananas, and smoothies.

These foods provide you an energy and then improved the level of blood glucose.

Somehow, this statement is true but, eating the heavy meal actually make you feel bloated and lazy. You should eat the food that is protein-based and the shakes.

3) Drinking Cold Water Causes The Loss Of Calories

This is mention in many websites and magazines but, actually water temperature does not make any difference for fat loss.

Drinking at least 8-12 glasses of normal water are good for the health.

4) Energy Drinks Are The Best Source For A Workout

Generally, we all need the energy for working out.

The energy or fizzy drinks are not thee good for a gym session.

The fizzy and bloated drinks increase the bloated because it contains a lot of sugar.

The artificial energy drinks may increases the chances of toxins and harmful chemicals that are not good for your body and overall health.

The energy drinks are usually the fake energy source but have the long-term effects on the body and very few on the skin.

If you want to drinks so, the water is good. Water acts as a natural detoxifier and clean out your toxins from the body

5) The Negative Calorie Foods Help Your Body To Burn Up The Fat

More people think that negative calories cause weight loss because they are low in calories.

There is no any scientific evidence is available for this statement.

Consume only grapefruit, chicken breast, and watermelon can starve you to death.

Myth #2: For Protein Shakes

1) Drinking Too Much Protein Can Weaken Your Kidneys

protein shake for bodybuilder
Drink Whey Protein

According to some study, what happens when you eat 4g of protein per day and then what actually happens to your kidneys and the blood test.

Well if you are a healthy young man and consume it in a large amount so, usually there had no effect on the blood work.

Some peoples ate 270 grams of protein per days and their kidneys and the blood test was fine or accurate.

2) Protein Causes The Bones Brittle Bone

According to some doctors and health professionals, the protein makes the blood acidic and causes a low level of calcium that effectively make the bones brittle or weak.

While, some studies show that it has no effect on bone formation and bone health.

Well, individuals with any type of diseases should concern about the amount of protein.

It causes increase calcium in the digestive tract, elevates blood calcium level that is further stimulated through thyroid gland and allow calcium deposition in the bone.

3) The Increase Protein Diet Make Gaining Of Weight

This myth can be doubtful or depend upon the different situations.

If you are eating too much protein without lifting of weight so, definitely there are more chances of weight gaining.

If we talk about the protein supplements, so ingredients such as Branched Chain amino acids BCAA and PDCAAs (Protein digestibility corrected amino acids) build up the lean muscle mass and recover yourself from a rigorous workout.

But, the protein diet is suitable for the weight if you combined it with a proper exercise plan.

There is no any direction of gaining of weight and the calories that is mostly depend upon the activity level and the lifestyle.

4) Take Whey Protein Supplements After Post-Workout

The more availability of the protein make most of the powerful agent during the level of intense workout.

5) Whey Protein Supplements Contains Anabolic Steroids

It is not such a proper assumption but, whey protein that contains the steroids help in the bulking,

The person who follows the moderate or intensity workout can take whey protein for fulfill the daily requirement.

Whey protein is consisted of glutamine, glutamic acid, and alpha-lactalbumin that is responsible in building of muscle mass, boost up the immunity and recover faster.

The form of training requires the supplement to gain muscle mass, stamina, and recovery for the muscle fibers

Myth #3: Workout Training Myths

1) No Gain Without Pain

Pain for Bodybuilders
No Pain No Gain

The Post-workout soreness is very common and it is an indicator that your muscles went through an injury.

The muscle soreness limits the movement or workout for many days.

It is the most common question that DOMs are related the muscle-building or a sign of progress.

The soreness is a typical way to track down the progress and it is a sign that is activating the correct form of muscle groups.

There are a few ways that can guide you about how can you differentiate between the muscle soreness and the progressing rate.

Track down all of the exercises, reps, sets, and the repetitions.

Note the muscle growth and capture the pictures by using the measuring tape around the waists, chest, thighs, and the arms area.

2) Train Daily For More Results

Half of your result depends upon what you eat and less on what you perform.

Set your diet according to your goals and then less focus on the workout plan.

3) The Cardio Is Responsible For Losing The Muscle

According to many bodybuilders and individuals, the cardio workout makes your muscle not impressive by losing up water and sodium and can’t hold glycogen.

But, it actually helps to build up the endurance level and gaining the lean muscle mass. You can also increase your size and strength from cardio if performing correctly.

This is good for cardiovascular health and burns up the fat. One thing is to consider that do not perform all cardio exercises at once.

4) Bigger Muscles Make You Stronger

This is complete myth and size really does no matter when it comes to the strength.

The natural bodybuilding that is free from the steroids help you to building the bigger and stronger muscles with the strength.

While anabolic steroids and Synthol can blow up or maximize the size with less or little strength.

5) Spent Time In The Gym Give You The Best Results

It is considered by many individuals that spent a lot of time in a gym will give you the best results and the workout and nutrition do not matter.

In reality, the overall results are based on how much you perform on the workout and diet.

6) Skipping Training Is Not Good

Well, this is another myth that is not properly suitable. The recovery is the main part of every training

In your training days, you may incorporate the functional exercises, stretching, and other cardio moves.

7) Strength Training Increases The Chances Of Bulking

You don’t need to spend all of your time on the treadmill and cardio-machines. All you need the weight for building up the muscles.

If you just spend your all time on cardio so, there are more chances for muscle loss and improving the strength.

The resistance exercises help your body to tone up the strength and tighten the muscles.

By following the strength training, you can gain lean, strong, and healthier look for bulky.

8) Yoga Is Only Better For Flexible People

It is considered by many individuals that yoga is good for those peoples who have an incredible flexibility.

In reality, yoga is good for all those people who want to flexible their body.

You may begin the yoga by wearing pants and begin your routine in the class.

9) Crunches Strengthen The Core

This is another myth that the crunches strengthen you core that involved the exercises such as crunches, twisting exercises, and super mans.

These all exercises are help you to designed torso muscles for isolation and the core is good for maintain the spine from neck to the pelvis area.

This area is also involve in different kind of muscle for maintaining the neutral spine position. Most of the strengthening exercises are good to make your muscle stronger and improved strength.

The better choices are side-planks, planks, and the dog exercises that involves in maintaining the spine position.

Other exercises are squats, pushups, deadlifts, and pull ups.

10) Build From Low Reps And Cut For High Reps

This is another myth that is the misfit with the bulking and cutting. This myth is not based on scientific studies.

The truth for building bigger muscle is to put the muscles under the tension. These may concentric, isometric, and eccentric movements.

Light the weight for 2 seconds is concentric, 0 seconds pausing is isometric, and 2 seconds of lowering the weight is eccentric.

The time-based stressors are used for muscle growth, heavyweights, and low-repetition for the muscle growth.

Forgetting the best results, run a monthly periodization from high to low repetitions.

Serve one week for endurance, the second week for hypertrophy, the third week for strength, and fourth week for the power.

11) More Is Better

It is assumed that spending many hours on the treadmill and the weight training can give you the best result.

There may be overtraining that is not good for the health and does not help you to gain the result. You should have a key to balance specificity.

You should maintain balance between eating healthy, cardio training, and the resistance workouts.

The overtraining can increases the injury risk and create hormonal imbalances in the body.

If you are injured so, you cannot train properly and there are more chances that you have lost your gain.

No matter, what is your goal? You should find out proper plan and then perform cardio, mobility, and the resistance exercises.

Myth #4: Running Myth

If you are a regular runner and want to run so, here according to some experts, the running myths are also available.

1) Running Cause Injury

The running is the most common cardio and normally done by the individuals.

running can hurt bodybuilder
running for bodybuilders

Warming up, stretching, and warming down prevent you from the injuries.

According to personal trainer Evolve Fitness, he is a big fan of the dynamic stretching before a workout.

There are many exercises combined with a few exercises may gradually raise the cardiovascular rate.

Faster the move may increase metabolism rate and make you shredded.

By wearing the proper shoes you can prevent yourself from the injuries.

2) Running Is Not For You If You Are In The Bodybuilding

There are many peoples believe that the cardio and strength training has not done at all because of the different goals.

It is the best way to ensure a healthy body.

The combination of cardiovascular and strength training allows the blood and oxygen effectively throughout the body.

3) You Need To Eat Carbohydrates Before A Run

Many runners eat bagels or porridge before running. Other may suffer from the stitch, cramps, and heavy meals.

The key is that you should avoid processed foods, omega-6 fatty acids, and pro-inflammatory foods as well.

Vegetables and fruits actually help you to combat the oxidative stress and toxins from the body.

The collagen is helpful for repairing the joints and broths are actually the delicious or tasty choice.

Are you still following these myths on your program or want to clear this situation so, you can complete your research further.