4 Ways to Grow Muscles Naturally

Being a man, which physique would you prefer more- a brawny built or a bony structure?

I am sure no matter what it takes; you will always go for something ‘big’!

how to build muscle naturally

After all, that’s how men are and that’s what suits them the most.

However, muscle building is thought to be very testing and challenging.

But few of us really understand that with proper and systematic planning, one can make it through very conveniently.

How Fast Can I Build Muscle Naturally?

Now there are always two routes for you to go.

One, take a shortcut and use deleterious steroids.

Two, go the natural way and follow these four easy steps:

1) Simply Eat

That’s perhaps, the best part of the muscle building process.

It is a phase in which your body needs all the good foods that can help it grow.

And hence, you are given the free hand to indulge.

But that does not mean feeding yourself in whatsoever quantity you like.

Remember, there is a limit, a ratio that needs to be maintained.

If not, you will gain fats in place of mass, which understandably, will never be your preference.

So how can we decide the amount of food you should take?

Well, in an ideal situation, you should be taking calories higher than the amount you will be burning.

So increase it by 20%.

No matter how many you manage to burn in a day, make sure you create a balance by eating 20% more the very next day.

For example:

  • You torched 2500 calories/ day.
  • Now to determine how many calories you will need the coming day ahead, multiply the amount by 0.2.
  • 2500 x 0.2= 500.

This means that you have to take 3000 calories now.

Keep a calorie tracker for recording or else, you will confuse things up.

If you manage to take it this way, your body will be growing in its full potential within days.

2) Prefer Protein

Building muscle is more about protein than any other nutrients on list.

But determining the amount it takes is essential.

If we take experts on board, they suggest:

One gram of protein for each lb of lean body mass.

Now this could be a bit confusing if you are new to the field.

But remember, your lean body mass is what your weight has in the pure form of mass and not fat.

To calculate lean body mass, make sure you know your fat percentage.

Multiply it with your overall body weight.

Deduct the result from your weight again.

The answer is your lean body mass.

Have a look:

  • Your weight: 160 pounds.
  • Body fat percentage: 8%
  • 160 x 0.08 = 12.8
  • 160-12.8 = 147.2 is your lean body mass.

And that’s the same amount your body will need protein every day.

Protein is the game changer so make sure you are accurate with the figures!

3) Train Harder

The moment you feel incapable of moving a further inch in the gym, the moment you should start believing that you are about to hit the half of your trainings.

That’s right.

The more is less here and the harder the better.

Plus, make sure you choose the tested programs and routines advised by the professionals.

This phase is crucial for your mission is to pack on as much as quality mass as possible.

Hence, focus on weight trainings, along with a little cardio to ensure the unwanted fats stay away.

Besides, be regular and ensure your muscles get the rest it needs for repair and growth.

While excessive trainings sound thrilling and productive, they are actually harmful for your gain on overall.

4) Supplements

And in the end there are supplements which you can count as the natural mass gaining support you will heavily need throughout.

And not just for muscle gaining, supplements are also needed when you look for some serious fat loss support.

Crazy Bulk Steroids

Most of the quality ones like Crazy bulk poses no danger, while allowing your body to act in response with your efforts way too efficiently and speedily.

So the gains you will get through the use of supplements along with diet and trainings will be significantly better than the gains you will get otherwise.

This is because your body may need an external boost for its Testosterone production or any other hormones useful for its growth.

Hence, keep it as an imperative option in case you fail to see big and quick results.