6 Foods that Serve as an Excellent Source of Leucine

When the experts draw attention to the good Branched-chain amino acids bring to us, they tend to count leucine twice.

Essentially, the amino acid is found to be more useful for fitness than the other two that collectively make BCAAs, namely isoleusine and valine.

What is Leucine?

Leucine heavily supports fitness missions that are majorly based on mass gaining and weight loss, and hence, having an adequate supply of it is important.

Leucine Foods Vegan

While there is always this supplementation way to fuel up your body with the required level of leucine every day, acquiring it from whole foods also counts and suggested by the experts.

Now there are a number of foods that feed your body with a good amount of leucine, but the ones we generally recommend for efficient muscle growth and speedy recovery are:

1) Chicken Breast

Chicken is favored for several reasons, apart from coming with an abundance of leucine.

For example, it tastes great and you can prepare it in a number of ways, according to your preference.

Secondly and more importantly, it does not supply you with fat unlike most of the leucine sources.

So with chicken, your chances of gaining pure mass are higher than that surrounded or covered under fats.

In figures, you get to attain 2.6 grams of the amino acid when 100 grams of chicken makes its way to your tummy!

2) Parmesan Cheese

You just can’t get enough leucine than this very source which is somewhat double the amount of what chicken serves.

But similar to chicken, Parmesan Cheese is tasty and very much needed while you get to eat some Italian food.

Don’t forget that with this source, you will be getting a sufficient level of fat too.

So, consider it your fat limit for that specific day and hence avoid more.

3) Red meat

Next we have in the category is red meat which deserves equal rank as chicken, for the leucine content in red meat is slightly more to that in chicken.

But the amino acid found in red meat is not restricted to Leucine for it also dispenses creatine which our body needs for the making of energy.

4) Soy beans

This source of leucine comes across as a relief for those who do not prefer eating non-veg or are more inclined towards eating green.

Soy beans too, are a healthy source of amino acid or perhaps, terming it as a vegetable protein would be more appropriate here.

In figures, we get to enjoy 2.3 grams of it when we have a serving of 100 grams of soybean in total.

5) Tuna

I’ve personally witnessed more seafood lovers than poultry and red meat, and this is completely understandable on several grounds.

Sea food is more delicious and full of heart healthy nutrients.

And if your hunt is for a source that provides leucine, then you get to enjoy the economical factor too.

A good example here is tuna that tends to be a healthy source of leucine and a pocket friendly too.

Precisely, 100 grams of it support your goals with 2.1 grams of leucine along with some good fats you need for definition and all.

6 ) Egg Whites

Would there be anything more cheap and convenient than this?

Perhaps no!

The more you have egg white- the more you obtain leucine- and the best part is, you can have it anytime you like.

Apparently, you get a clear cut supply of 1 gram of the amino acid as you make way for 100 grams of the food.


These are the six best options you have in your account which are equally meant for veg and non-veg.

Besides, you always have supplements to look up for BCAAs or Leucine.

As these are the amino acids you categorically need for the smooth and convenient procession of muscle growth, fat loss and recovery.