7 Proven Exercises for Fuller Arms

Being skinny with thin, lean arms is perhaps, the worst nightmare of men.

Owing to their God-gifted nature, men love to appear strong and burly however, that is something that tests their patience to the core.

fuller arms

And yet, failure is not uncommon to them.

But days have gone when we had no excess to the experts and limited knowledge to move in the right direction.

Today- we are surrounded with all the right kind of assistance needed to grow and avoid mistakes done by others that have sailed in the same boat.

Best arm exercises for bigger biceps

So, what exercises do you need to grow and pack your arms- the moves that are good enough to strike the optimal level muscle growth without wasting much of your time?

Well, the seven exercises that can puff up your arms while paying equal attention on the enlargement and definition of your biceps, triceps and forearms are:

1) Incline bicep curl

To perform this, position yourself on a slant bench with a dumbbell in both your hands.

Remember, the dumbbells have to be held at the length of your arm and with the needed level power, you have to lift them to the point each gets near to the shoulder.

Slowly and in a steady motion, bring the dumbbells back to their actual position.

Rerun the entire move.

It is important to note that the lifting has to be done with the power enforced from your biceps.

This will bring them under great stress and so the process of break and repair will be necessarily induced.

2) Javelin Press

The exercise is simple while making the right posture and moving it in the right direction is all that counts.

To get started, carry the EZ bar in any of your hand, suppose your left hand.

Position your hand right on top of the shoulder.

Make an upward move till your hand reaches the top most height.

Carry it back to the position you started and rerun the motion again and again.

3) Concentration curl

This move will work on every arm, one at a time.

To perform it, position yourself sitting on the bench, with your left arm lying but touching the left leg.

Hold the weight and start rolling up.

Once the weight reaches parallel to your shoulder, stop the motion and bring it down to the actual position.

After completing a set, involve the second arm to perform the very same move.

4) Diamond press-up

To perform this, lie on a flat surface with your front facing the floor.

Keep your hands in a diamond position because that is the exact posture needed for the entire move.

Now in the very same position, bend yourself down to the point your upper body gets closest to the surface.

Push yourself straight up to the initial point while giving an equal pressure to your chest and triceps concurrently.

5) Twisting dumbbell curl

Now this is my favorite one- simple but result oriented.

To get started, you need to place the arms stretched straight to your sides while carrying a dumbbell in both.

One after the other, lift the dumbbell up against the shoulder followed by a reverse move, letting the biceps bear the pressure.

Keep doing it in a repeat mode.

6) Tate press

For Tate press, stretch out straight on a bench.

Carry a dumbbell in each hand, straight over the shoulder.

Carry the dumbbell back towards the chest gradually, using both the elbows at the same time.

Lift them again until you get to the point from where you begun.

Rerun the movement and continue doing it.

7) Prone dumbbell spider curl

Prone dumbbell spider curl is another simple but very effective exercise for bigger and fuller arms.

To perform it, you need to lie on the slant bench with your front facing the floor.

Carry a dumbbell in both the hands and position them below the shoulders.

Now using all the pressure and force from the biceps, lift both the dumbbells in the direction of the shoulders.

Resume to the actual posture in a very gradual motion and rerun the movement over and over.


These are the seven best exercises we generally recommend for the enlarging and supersizing effects to those with skinny arms.

But, we have always and will always stress the significance of consistency, particularly when the expectations are higher than the efforts needed.