8 High Protein Foods for Mass Gainers From the Experts

When we think of bodybuilding, the image that generally gets into our mind is men sweating really hard with squats and bench presses in the gym.

But is that all they need to get jacked- of course not!

high protein foods

Bodybuilding is far more than hitting the gym every now and then.

It calls for a proper routine, a lifestyle based on specific activities that have to be followed for the results been sought.

A very crucial part of these activities is a well-designed diet that majorly comprises of high-protein foods, dietary fats and carbs.

How to Gain Weight and Muscle?

These foods are basically the building block that support the mass gaining process and allow the body to react to the change in the manner desired by you.

Now there are hundreds of foods that serve as the perfect source of carbs and dietary fats.

But when it comes to quality protein, you need to be a bit more specific because the nutrient is the game changer for you.

Essentially, not just protein goes a long way helping you get bigger, but also get stronger too.

Hence, if you aim to pack on some serious mass- make sure you get yourself the right kind of foods like these eight high protein foods for bodybuilders:

1) Salmon

This is an excellent source of protein and several other essential nutrients your body needs at this point of time.

For example Omega-3 that is highly imperative for the boost in insulin sensitivity.

Other than that, Salmon also supplies a great amount of calories which is something that holds great weight for bodybuilders while they are on their bulking cycles.

Thus, if you wish to grow bigger and faster, incorporate the use of this sporting fish preferably with a fibrous vegetable.

2) Soy

When discussing the significance of protein for bodybuilders, experts count Soy twice as a great source for them.

The plant-based protein is something you cannot underestimate for the gains you are up for.

It boasts vital amino acids which support the natural growth of muscles and let the process occur more efficiently and speedily.

You can have soy protein through bean sprouts, cereals, tofu, tempeh, soy nuts and supplements aim to supply soy protein to your body.

3) Beef

The next in our category is beef which is a weighty food for mass gainers.

The good thing about beef is that it plays a dual role for those struggling hard in the gym.

Through its CLA fats content, it not only aids in the production of mass, but also the removal of unwanted fats through burning.

Interestingly, red meat also provides iron to you to pick those heavy weights with the needed level of energy with ease.

But remember that while you plan your muscle building diet, you prefer grass fed beef because that is something your body needs.

Evidently, it provides creatine, leucine, zinc and high calorie protein useful for the journey you are about to embark on.

4) Eggs

No matter how much you incorporate eggs in your diet, you will never have to stretch your budget.

Eggs serve to be the best source of vitamin D and more importantly protein.

In fact, both of its parts do- be it the yolk or white.

On top of that, they encompass the richest level of leucine/gram of protein when compared with foods of the similar class.

And of course, bodybuilding experts have always stressed the significance of protein acquired through egg.

This is because the protein we get from it holds great bio availability.

5) Whey

Then whey comes on board with its valuable powers and great benefits for mass gainers.

Essentially, it can be acquired through products that fall under the category of dairy, while the food considered ideal for it is Ricotta cheese.

Now there are several reasons why experts regard whey as the most favorable source of protein for the bodybuilding purpose.

  • For example it is very absorbent in nature.
  • It boosts the concentration of blood amino acid which is greatly needed by the muscles under stress.
  • It paces healing of the damaged muscle fibers after you step out the gym.

6) Chicken

Bodybuilders love to have chicken and apparently we know why.

It tastes great besides there are a variety of methods in which we can make and have it.

Chicken, apart from tasting great is an excellent source of protein and is thereby, highly recommended to mass gainers.

Besides protein, it supplies several other amino acids vital for us.

7) Quinoa

The flowering, protein rich plant comes ahead with its nine valuable amino acids for your bulking needs.

Besides, it transfers digesting carbs that go a long way in speeding recovery.

8) Banana

Banana is a great savior for the energy drained body after workouts.

It supplies sugar for the insulin response while its rich calorie content and starch carb keep your body going even after those stressful hours of trainings.

These were some best protein options for you to free the slots for in your diet plan.

So, sweat hard and go protein!