9 Fitness Rules You Should Break

The world of fitness is pack with many rules in order to prevent from jerks, injuries, and more sweating.

Despite following too many rules, there are certain types of rules that are good for muscle gain when actually broke.

fitness rules

We always hear about strict nutrition and workout for getting the better result but, there is something more.

Are you wonder that sometimes breaking rules are actually good for the goals?

Yes, it is really true that breaking some rules are often result in the muscle gain, reduction of fat, and more rapid result.

Here, in this article, you will find out some rules and also the guidelines for beginners that push them to the next level of failure.

Now, You can feel free to ignore or break the rules.

1) Never Assume Failure

If you are a beginner so, never train for the failures. There is no any reason that you cannot perform the workouts.

The solid strength are usually used for the muscle growth. Pushing yourself towards the workout can improving the workout or mental limits and improving the muscle-building natural hormones.

Make rules, count sets, and reps, or try to follow the proper technique.

2) Daily Workout

The average population of a human being has followed this statement and they get up regularly and performed different types of workout.

If you continuously run out the programs according to your schedule and don’t take the rest so, they are definitely doing some mistakes.

Forgetting the best result, all you need to spend 30 minutes of exercises in the yoga and treadmill as well.

The main goal is to target each of the muscle group on different days. The body has its own function of responding that is not regulating by the off or rest days.

The rest days are good to recover you from the injuries and overtraining. It can also be maintain by eating the healthy or nutrient rich-foods.

3) Never Do Cardio

Many blogs and videos are guiding you that incorporation of the cardio exercise is good for overall health but, it can make you fat so, skip the cardio workouts from your routine.

Well, cardio is the most beneficial exercise for the burning of fat but, give you slimmer look, and improved cardiovascular health.

You should perform it on the daily basis without any doubt.

4) Skip Salt

According to some studies, low-level of sodium may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

So, it is crucial to never skip the salt from your diet.

But, if you have any kind of disease like hypertension or the cardiovascular problem so, limit the salt intake.

Sometimes, the amount of salt also depends upon the other factors like, if you are eating the healthy meals, drink more water and do the proper exercise so, you actually need the more salt.

After spending a lot of hours in a gym and hours with playing a basketball consumes the more electrolytes.

5) Addition Of More Meals Can Speed Up The Metabolism Rate

The average population thinks that eating more meals by the bodybuilders can increase their metabolism speed.

Unfortunately, there is no any connection of more meals to the activation of appetite.

Craving towards meals may relate to the intensity of workouts and sometimes genetics.

If you have a goal of getting the lean or ripped body, so break this rule with an intermittent fasting.

Three meals with snacks are enough for giving you desire result.

6) The Variety

It is another misconception that variations of the workouts can definitely give you better and faster results.

Sometimes or in case of beginner, your body does not accept the changes of multiple exercises, reps, and the sets.

Variations can give you the potential strength and bigger size, but you need to give your body the adjustment time period before switching to other workouts.

Sticking towards the same exercises for 5-6 weeks exercises can give you progressive benefit.

Different progressions such as performance, complexity, and tempo matters but, it is your choice to break the rule according to the body demand.

7) Lifting Heavy With Low Rep Ranges Can Promote Massive Muscle Growth

It is more famous that lifting heavy weight is good for stimulating the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

You always find the professional bodybuilders doing heavy lift.

Lifting heavy plays a more important rule for the muscle growth but, you can break this rule.

There are many other factors contributes to the strength and muscle hypertrophy process.

Manage the muscle hypertrophy process through different types of sets, reps, and speed that has great influence on the training results.

Lifting heavy with low rep ranges and rest time period give benefit to the upper reps.

Adjust by increasing the reps or volume of sets for muscle hypertrophy.

Without rest, lifting heavy can fatigue your muscle and increases a risk of injury.

8) Focus More On Isolation Movements Rather Than Multi-Joint Movements

We never deny the importance of multi-joint movements and it is the best for many individuals.

Multi-joint movements work with muscle and allow your body for better muscle growth as similar to lifting heavy weight.

It is also true that some peoples never get benefits from doing multi-joint movements.

The most common exercises such as the bench press, deadlifts, and the squats are expanding the rate of results.

The lateral and plate raises are more effective and the chest area defined very well through isolation movements.

9) No Gain Without Pain

Every person who is inspired from the workouts and a bodybuilding fan hear that there is no gain without any pain,

Well, this is simply ridiculous. It happens with those who are continuously lifting the heavyweight and do over-training without taking rest.

The muscle growth requires some conditions like stress produce from the exercises.

You can gain without pain by simply aim for lifting a moderate amount of weight and set ranges from 8-12 reps.

The reps ranges can change according to the level of tolerance by your muscles of the body.

The Final Verdict

This is few misconceptions, we cannot completely deny this above statements because somehow, these statements are true in some points.

They act differently because of the body types.

All you need to is just open your mind, research deeply, and never attach to any one principle.