Anavar Cycle: Effects, Results & Reviews Inside [2019 NEW]

Truth about Anavar, Side Effects and Legal Alternative Available in the Market.

The truth about bodybuilding is that you can gain muscle mass very quickly, but when it comes to preserving them while eliminating the fat content, this is where your fitness goal seems so hard to achieve.


Cutting cycle lets your body become in a good shape and at the same time helps it to build an energy reservoir.

Anavar is a famous brand which was available as Oxandrolone in the 1960’s used for the same purpose.

The anabolic steroid prevents the muscle loss during cutting phase and helps your body generate a plethora of energy burst that you’ll find exceptionally compelling.

Anavar History

Bayer Pharmaceuticals successfully launched a product named Oxandrolone in 1960 which was critically for individuals with low strength.

The formula created a hype in the audience, especially the fitness-seeking men who somehow abused the substance.

Because of which FDA banned the formula in 1980 and stopped its legalities worldwide.

What is Anavar Actually?

An anabolic androgenic steroid designed to increase the core performance level of a body.

The formula helps in fat obliteration without harming the pure mass that has been gained after quite hardships at the gym.

Anavar cycle is acquired by men who are looking to go undercutting cycle and wants to transform their body into chiseled looking art.

What you can expect from Anavar Cycle?

Just when you thought Anavar is a cutting supplement, it has also extra benefits out of a chart which not everyone knows about.

The formula inside Anavar helps you in so many ways.

  • It is a weight loss supplement that burns fat through the process of thermogenesis.
  • Upon low dose the formula keeps your body loses weight every week
  • Helps dissolve the fatty layer on muscle mass which improves your body definition
  • It can be combined with other steroids for more pronounced results
  • Allows your body to recover faster than before
  • Give your body a 20% boost in strength which is ideal for cutting cycle
  • It readily improves the production of testosterone in your body, a male hormone which is a prerequisite for bodybuilding

Anavar Cycle Results

Anabolic steroids like Anavar are filled with powerful agents that significantly boost the fat reduction and energy gain.

Men after Anavar Cycle experienced a whole different physique after which they swore of not letting this shape go.

Here are the Anavar Cycle only results that may change your mind if you are about to enter into a cutting phase.

Anavar Cycle Result – 1st Week

The first step for any cutting supplement is to wash out the water retention of your system.

Extra water retention is the main hindrance in cutting cycle that gives your muscle flabby appearance.

Increasing energy reservoir is the second step.

Anavar Cycle Result – 2nd Week

Once your body clears out the excess water, your muscle tone will be improved, especially from the abdomen region where 6-packs are located.

Anavar Before and after

The fats inside which are torn into pieces get you more energy which will help you lift more weight without a wheeze.

Anavar Cycle Result – 3-4 Week

It’s the end of the whole month where the actual results started to appear.

After losing fat and gaining strength your body will go to the anabolic state.

This is where it locates the muscle mass and improve their rigidity. The stronger your muscles become, the more beast like it would look.

There will still be a very small fat percentage in your body though.

Anavar Cycle Result- 6th Week

An ideal cutting cycle is about 8 weeks, but only when you don’t follow a strict diet plan and exercise timing.

For faster results, 2 hours a day exercise is a must for you to squeeze the best out of it. Subtracting these healthy tactics and you will get slower results.

After the 6th week your body will be ripped, stronger and overall with good looks.


Anavar Cutting Cycle also redesigned your facial muscles which are best for men with the double or triple chin.

Anavar – Does it Work for Women?

If it would be a bulking supplement, chances of women use would be none.

Anavar cycle results for women

But we are talking about the fat burn, weight loss and overall cutting cycle that can be used by men and women.

Anavar results in increased muscle tone and successful weight loss in women who used it for maximum 2 months.

It also helps them improve their athletic performances along with high-grade stamina to stay sharp.

Anavar Side Effects – The Part They Don’t Want You to Know!

Like many other steroids, Anavar does offer some lethal form of side effects which mainly occur in individuals who either overdosed it or used it for a prolonged period of time.

From prolong, we are talking about a year here.

Anavar cause the following side effects in men and women

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Testosterone deficiency
  • Depression
  • Severe acne
  • Liver toxicity
In females Anavar cause
  • Clitoris enlargement
  • Hair growth
  • Development of masculine characteristics

Legal Alternative of Anavar with 0 Side Effects

Anvarol is the top bodybuilding supplement for those individuals who want to taste the anabolic steroid Anavar.

When you see the top 10 Anavar pills you will see Anvarol at the top of the list because it has the following features available.

  • It mimics the effects of Oxandrolone
  • No needle required
  • It contains 100% natural ingredients
  • No prescription needed
  • Guarantees a success in cutting cycle
  • No side effects reported

Final Verdict – Anavar Cycle Replacement

You can say a lot about a supplement after seeing its customer reviews.

Almost in every place you go, there are hundreds of positive reviews about Anvarol and its bodybuilding effects.

Buy Anvarol

Oxandrolone is a seriously injurious substance that was classified as Schedule 5 drug decades ago.


Because it is far better to workout solely rather than using a compound and end up with liver transplants.

Anvarol, however, is not strong enough like the real Anavar formula, but it sure does help you with cutting cycle and breaks a lot of fatty chains in your body.