Steroids Cycle: Effects, Results & Reviews Inside [2019 NEW]

If you are looking to find out the best cycle for steroids so, this blog can help you to guide properly.

If you are thinking to conduct the steroid cycle, so there are a huge variety of the steroid cycles.

Steroids Cycle

The selection of the steroid cycle combined with steroids depends upon many factors such as which type you want to proceed whether bulking, cutting, and the strength.

Because each type of the level packed up with different kind of the steroids depending upon the toxicity and a structure of the steroid.

It is not advised to follow the steroid cycles that are mentioned below.

It is important to seek the instructor advised before following any steroid cycle.

What Is The Steroid Cycle?

The steroid cycle is defined as the duration in which the person uses the steroids for almost five to six weeks in order to achieve desired goals.

The most commonly used steroids in a steroid cycle are Winstrol, Dianabol, and testosterone. The addition of more steroids refers to as stacking.

The article is just giving you an idea or some basic guidelines.

  • The beginners are more likely to conduct a cycle that is based on the light steroids and has less toxicity.
  • While the professional prefer to run the complex cycle in order to gain harder or the maximum gains.
  • The people who have followed the accurate diet plan and the workout are experiencing the very low dose of the steroids.
  • The cycle is run to improved muscle mass and strength and the time period may be a beginner, intermediate, and the advanced.
  • The time period may exceed to the 14 weeks and there are various factors are depending on the goals.

Types Of The Steroids Cycle

  1. Bulking
  2. Cutting
  3. Strength

The purpose of bulking cycle is to improve the muscle mass and it is common among bodybuilders while cutting cycle is most widely used by the celebrities or fitness model to get the slimmer or defined shape of the body.

The strength cycle is popular among athlete zone because their aim is to boost up the performance level for a competition.

Sometimes, the stacking may speed up the result because it is a combination of multiple steroids that give the synergistic effect.

How to identify which steroid cycle is the best for you?

The selection of a steroid cycle is entirely based on the level of experience.


The testosterone is a king hormone and responsible for providing the anabolic properties such as bigger muscle mass, improved strength, health, and the longevity for a man.

Once you are aware of the testosterone effects so, you may easily move out the next cycle of the steroids where you can incorporate the favorite one drugs.

Oral Based Steroid Cycle Or Injectable Based

There is an option to select any one the steroids type as oral or injectable.

The oral forms usually have a highly negative impact on the liver.

The injectable steroid cycle is usually not suitable for the beginners so they prefer oral types such as Dianabol or Winstrol.

Different online sources guide you the method of how to inject the drugs but make sure, the improper practice may increase the risk of bacterial contamination or the blood infections like HIV/AIDs and hepatitis C.

List Of The Most Popular Steroid Stacks And The Cycles

Some of the steroid cycles are very common and well known because of the benefits.

Best Steroids Cycle

The Steroid Cycle Steroids

The Beginner Cycle

  • Testosterone-Enanthate (500mg Week 1-12)
  • Deca Durabolin (200mg Week 1-12)

The Kick Start Beginner

  • Testosterone-Enanthate (500mg Week 1-12)
  • Deca Durabolin (200mg Week 1-12)
  • Dianabol (25mg Per Day Week 1-6)

The Classic Cut Cycle

  • Testosterone-Propionate (100mg Eod 1-12)
  • Trenbolone Acetate (75mg Eod 1-12)
  • Winstrol (50/Daily 7-12)

Winnie The Pooh

  • Testosterone-Enanthate (500mg Week 1-12)
  • Winstrol (50mg Per Day Week 7-12)

Lonely Cycles

  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone

The Side-Effects Related To Steroid Cycle

The side-effects are related to many areas such as this is linked with the irregular hormones level and increased level of the testosterone and the other hormone in which the most common hormones are estrogen and Prolactin.

The Importance Of Post Cycle Therapy

No matter, what type of steroid cycle is proceeding.

Every type of steroid cycle is require running of the PCT to overcome the nasty effects like water retention, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, and to overcome toxicity from the liver.

The PCT is almost scheduled for around 2 weeks with the combination of Nolvadex And Clomid for around three weeks.

The cycle also helps to recover the production of the natural hormone testosterone.

Some Guidelines For Beginners

  • First of all, complete your research regarding the type of a steroid that you select.
  • Secondly, aware yourself from all kinds of the side-effects that further contribute to the harmful effects for your health.
  • Choose the steroids that are mild in nature and observe the body for 12-14 hours after taking the steroid for any type of hypersensitivities or an immune reaction.
  • If you are doing the cutting cycle so, try to limit the calories intake and get the carbohydrates from the quality foods.
  • But, if you have an aim to go for bulking so, scheduled your calories more.
  • The very first cycle that you are conducting is very special and contribute to give you the maximum gains.
  • The beginners may select anyone of the favorite steroids such as testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate, Boldenone, and the Dianabol.
  • Do not use the steroids if you are below to the 25 age.
  • The rate of results also depends upon the genetics or the training that lasts for 4-5 years.


You probably have noticed the reliable results when you are conducting steroid cycle alone or with the stacking.

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The 95% of users are more likely to experience a significant amount of result.

Before starting any one of the steroid cycle, aware the side effects and importance of the PCT cycle.

The steroid cycles always result in the side-effects and you need to run Post Cycle Therapy so, you can choose the legal alternatives.