Dianabol Cycle: Effects, Results & Reviews Inside [2019 NEW]

Dianabol has a very special place in the bodybuilding world.

It is the most used and considered powerful steroid of all time, used for bulking and performance-enhancing purposes.

Crazy Bulk D-bal Cycle results

The core formula of Dianabol is known as Methandienone which is now no longer in use.

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The drug, however, was formulated during the 1950’s era where it was proven to increase muscle mass within a short period of time.

Due to lack of knowledge and scientific evidence the drug was used by half of the population who were trying to get an incredible physique like the Hulk.

History of Methandienone – Formula behind Dianabol

The medical indication for Dianabol was Hypogonadism and Malnourishment.

Non-medical uses were a performance enhancement, doubled stamina with gregarious mass gain.

According to the historical pages, Dianabol is the most widely used formula in the history of bodybuilding.


The chemistry of the substance doesn’t match with the human body.

We meant the side effects which appear with greater intensity and affect the vital organs of the body, including liver, kidneys, heart, and even lungs.

Dianabol Cycle Only Results

For the best results, you need to take the proper dose of Dianabol for an appropriate duration of time.

The normal dose of Dianabol is 30-40 mg per day and the ideal cycle duration is 6 weeks.

In those weeks you got to adopt an intense exercise regimen which will allow your body to produce more protein and lean mass.

Due to the short half-life of the drug, Dianabol deliver faster results followed by daily dosage.

You can expect a lot of performance enhancement after only an hour of taking D-Bal pills.

Dianabol Cycle Results

We have picked our ideal candidate who has been on a Dianabol cycle for 6 months and now he is switching to the cutting phase.

Dianabol cycle review is available below in his own words.

Let’s take a look at what Dianabol can deliver for you in 6 weeks, which is only 1 and a half month.

Week 1st and 2nd

My daily dose of Dianabol was 30 mg per day in the first and second week.

You don’t get the immediate effects, at least for me it didn’t happen in the very first day.

The 2nd day of the first week, I noticed a slight burst of energy in my body which helped me lift the minor weights easily.

You can say the 1st week was gone into preparing me for the ultimate mass gain where my energy level was gradually increasing.

Okay, then came the 2nd week, which really did something remarkable.

D-bal cycle results

I gained about 2 kg weight, which didn’t develop as a fat belly, but the pure mass on my shoulder, chest, and forearms.

Dianabol cycle requires you to perform workout 5 times a week, for about 2 hours.

Hard work yeh? Who said you are taking magic pills?

3rd Week with Dianabol

The gym show was awesome as I really astound some guys who saw me lifting small weights and now seeing me lifting double their weights.

It was the Tuesday of the 3rd week where I properly noticed my physique, especially the back parts which revealed lots of cuts.

The strength of my muscle mass has incredibly enhanced.

4th Week

This is where I increased the dose to 40 mg per day.

After increasing the dose there was a sudden rush of blood in my brain, which made me workout for even longer time.

That’s a true Dianabol stretch out your gym time without letting you know.

I started from 62 kg and now I am standing with an extra 8 kg of lean mass (total weight= 70 kg).

Week 5th and 6th

High cholesterol level is something you get from using Dianabol on a long-run.

You can maintain your diet accordingly that may or may not fix the issue.

My main focus was on developing a finely shaped chest and that’s what I did.

During the 5th week I experienced a remarkable enhancement in my energy level, no matter what kind of physical task I am doing, there is always an extra energy reservoir lying aside.

My sexual appetite is higher than before which I wouldn’t count as negative outcomes.

Followed by the 6th week, my cycle is going to end phase where I took an extra help, Testosterone.


Using Dianabol with synthetic Testosterone is prohibited if you have heart-related conditions.

At the end of my Dianabol cycle only, I gained about 10 kg of weight in which 90% of the content is pure protein.

From my body size to shape, everything is improved.

Dianabol Tablet for Bulking- How does it work?

The main purpose of Dianabol is to start the process of protein synthesis in your body which only happens upon stimulation of androgen receptors.

D-bal dosages

These receptors also allow your body to retain the extra bulk of Nitrogen which causes vasodilation and increase blood supply to the muscle region.

Thereby increase its size and shape dramatically.

Dianabol Side Effects

Unfortunately, Dianabol is not the substance that delivers the best results without any side effect.

The drug was banned decades ago for its hazardous health events that caused sudden death in many individuals.

Some of the most occurring side effects of Dianabol include

  • Water retention- Gives you bloated appearance
  • Gynecomastia – Enlargement of man boobs
  • Excessive hair growth- Followed by Dianabol with Testosterone injection
  • Damage to liver functions
  • Severe acne
  • Insomnia
  • Increased blood cholesterol level
  • Impotency

Due to these side effects, a majority of fitness lovers are switching to the legal alternative of Dianabol which is legal as FDA approved.

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Final Verdict

Either you stuck with the Dianabol obtained from the black market, which can get you to the jail (if caught), or you can simply order D-Bal right away and see the cycle results by yourself.