What Makes Muscles Grow? The Complete A To Z Bodybuilding Guide

The process of muscle growth is a critical physiological and biochemical process that even confused most of the professional and experienced trainee.

Some already have done with great aesthetics while few of them are concern about their bodies to look great.

Bodybuilding Guide

This article may help a large number of bodybuilders including male and female beginners to the professionals.

Maybe you are looking for the muscle building guide on the internet.

Here, I’m going to explaining you how to grow muscle mass by following different simple methods that can put you on the right track.

I have got you covered with some tips or methods.

This blog will take you through from nutrition to the workout training combined with supplements that can give you the benefits of adding quality muscles.

Before going to discuss how to build up muscle mass, you need to understand some basic knowledge of the muscle physiology.

The main goal of workout training is stimulation of nitrogen retention for protein synthesis to build up the muscle cells.

The guys have different types of the body like an ectomorph, mesomorph, and the endomorph.

The typical skinny guys or ectomorph may face difficulty in weight training or hard gainer while mesomorph has an athletic physique or blocky appearance and endomorph get more benefits from the strength training and have more body fat as compared to other.

The Importance Of Stress On The Body Through Exercises

The lifting of heavyweight can create stress in muscle fiber or micro-tears as well that leads to release in hormone and allow the nutrients flow toward the muscle.

Bodybuilding Exercises

Once the damaged occur, signals are stimulating to repair the damaged area and allow the growth of more new cells.

The splitting of muscle fibers called the hyperplasia.

These phenomena called the muscular hypertrophy. The general exercises for stimulating stress on the body are bench press, squats, bent over rows, and parallel squat with 8X12 reps.

Finish the training session through stretching, aerobic exercises, and drink protein shakes.

When you have non-lifting days, so take a rest and do the light workouts such as swimming, walking, and light bike

So, what makes the muscles grow?

This question makes confused more people.

Most of the individuals realized that building of muscle is a very slow and difficult task.

It needs patience and consistency. The beginners have a dream to build up the huge or massive body in the initial month of training.

The rate of growth varies from person to person due to having the different type of the body and performance level as well.

Many celebrities have built up their muscle mass through natural methods or consuming the anabolic steroids.

The illegal drugs can make your journey easy but, loaded with harsh side effects to your health.

Although natural bodybuilding is free from any kind of harmful effect, it demands a lot of hard work and real dedication as well.

Well, we are going to discuss all natural ways because our motto is not to spread the use of illegal drugs.

You may assume Jeff example that he has done the workout for around five days per week.

Muscle Hypertrophy

According to Ronnie Coleman, lifting of heavy weights make the muscle growth faster.

The Ultimate Muscle Hypertrophy Guide
Muscle Hypertrophy

Lifting stimulates stress that can further produce insulin-like growth factor, cortisol, insulin, and the Human Growth Hormone.

The secrets of muscle hypertrophy when building muscle mass:

The strength training is more crucial to make your muscles grow.

Hypertrophy stimulates by two types of methods such as,

  • Non-functional
  • Functional
Exercises Sets Reps Rest
Lower weight (cardio) 3 12 2-5 min
Functional weight 6 6 1-2 min

Non-functional exercises help you to improve the qualities of muscles and functional is responsible for improving the strength and the growth of muscle.

If you want to increase the muscle hypertrophy so, the best way is to do a higher rep range.

This proves that lifting heavy with high ranges of rep work the best.

Make it consider that you are doing a lot of sets for the massive pump. The secret is more pump and higher the intensity level.

Intensity will start work for you. There are some exercises such as decline, sumo deadlifts, good morning squats, Romanian deadlifts, incline bench press, and dumbbell flyes.

It is your choice to find out the new exercises and add the variations on them to increased muscle mass.

As long as possible, try to avoid repetition of rep ranges.


Few lose their hope and experience the worst situation that they do not see results while doing more efforts. All you need is just patience.

Steps You Should Consider:

  • Understand all of the tips and methods deeply during a workout to make muscles grow.
  • Research the ways that how can you repair after an intense workout.

The Successful Lifter Rules

When it comes to the muscle building so, learn from your body. No one can tell you about the effective nutrition and the training regimen.

Bodybuilding Video

It is your responsibility to increase knowledge.

Prepare the healthy nutrition and workout program according to your goals. Find out the healthy meals.

Transforming your body requires hard work and dedication.

During lifting of heavyweight, you need the mentally and physically progression.

  • Calculate The Number Of Calories:

The very first step to determine the Basal metabolic rate that can guide you that how much energy is required by your body for a proper circulation of the heart and respiration process.

There are two types of bulking,

  • Lean bulking
  • Aggressive bulking

The lean bulking is recommended for healthy individuals with average while the aggressive bulking are beneficial to eat more.

Try different formulas to find out how much your body requires the calories for aggressive bulking.

Some individuals need more calories for gaining weight in the right direction.

  • Record In The Journal:

Tracking your progress is more important whether they are related to any workout or training program.

It can give you the satisfaction in every step. Taking pictures and do the measurements for getting progress is another most important subjective opinion.

  • Set Up The Muscle Building Diet:

Research and find out your calories and determine macros rate. 2,750 calories are recommended for an aggressive bulking.

The correct proportion for the bodybuilder is to maintain 20% of fats, 20% of protein, and 60% of carbohydrates.

Certain types of foods are in the form of triglycerides, glucose, and proteins in the form of amino acids.


  • 1 gram per pound of the body weight
  • Each gram have 4 calories

Chicken, lean beef, whey protein, fish, and the eggs.


  • Begin with 0.45 grams per pound of the body weight.
  • Each gram of the fat have 9 calories

Mixed nuts or seeds, coconut oil, cheese, and avocados.

Consuming whole foods are good to meet goals and adjust the liquid portion with smoothies, coconut/whole milk that completely depend on the tolerance level.


  • Adjust the remaining calories by adding carbohydrates.
  • Each gram of the carbohydrate contains at least 4 calories.

Rice, oats, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, oats, and quinoa.

The Muscle Building Diet
Oatmeal Chicken Ground sirloin
Whole egg White rice Sweet potatoes
Banana Broccoli Green beans
Assorted vegetables Olive Oil Diced mangoes
Whole wheat spaghetti Cherries Tomato sauce

Well, you can increase your calories amount according to the goal around 3250 calories.

  • Repair Damaged Muscles:

Similarly, the workout is important, as rest is also important for you.

The workout schedule with intensity, weight, and the variation can repair the muscles if you properly take the rest time period.

Variety of workout plan can make your muscles burn and that is the real pain.

Many methods of recovery are available in different blogs, here I shortly explain you.

The very first thing is that never train your bicep muscle same twice or if you are feeling the muscle soreness.

Set up the schedule to recover and prevent the body from muscle soreness.

  • Don’t Consume More Protein:

Many peoples who are confused about that how much you require the protein for muscle growth.

According to many types of research, there are no any harsh side effects and very few of them experience fewer effects when they overdose the protein amount.

Manage the proper proportion of the protein. If anyone suffering from any kind of disease or related to kidney should avoid.

When there is talk for weight gaining so, two or three grams of the protein are recommended. The excess amount of protein ended up with the gaining of weight.

The liquid foods are easy to digest in greater quantities. Protein in a liquid form is easier to digest in greater quantity.

So, before you starting incorporation of protein into your diet make sure you properly Google it according to your diet.

Protein: 1 gram per kg for muscle growth, 0.5 gram per kg for muscle definition, and 0.8 gram per kg for muscle strength.

Carbohydrates: 6 grams per kg for muscle growth, 3-4 grams per kg for muscle definition, and 4-7 grams per kg for muscle strength.

Lipid: 0.8 gram per kg for muscle growth, 0.2 gram per for muscle definition, and 0.5 gram per kg for muscle strength.

  • The Importance Of Water:

The main thing is that muscles are composed of around 70% of water. It is properly instructed to stay yourself hydrated if you want to grow the massive muscle.

The dehydration or loss of water can cause many problems, the reduction of water may reduce the body strength that makes you harder to perform workout activity in a gym.

The water is a natural detoxifier, good for digestion process, and the metabolic activities.

To keep the body hydrated, drink at least 7-8 glasses water per day. Adjust the amount of water according to your work and sweating rate.

  • Sleep And Rest:

Sleep is not just only crucial for a bodybuilding but, it also has beneficial effects on bodybuilding.

The best time period is 7-8 hours. No matter, how your workout goals are hard, all you need to remember sleep because it is essential for the overall health of the body.

Enough sleep can keep you strong, motivated or well spirited towards your goals.

It helps your body to balance the human growth hormone and testosterone as well. In that way, you can easily see a result within a couple of months.

Most Effective Exercises For The Building Up The Muscle

The well-known exercises for building of muscle mass are:

  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Chin Ups
  • Rows
  • Overhead press

If you are a beginner so, find out some options that are good for you.

The younger generation also has the desire to add some variations in their routine to get stronger.

It is your choice to train like an athlete and appear their physique like a bodybuilder.

Add muscle and strength exercises to your full body routine.

The other split programs are:

  • P.H.U.L (Power hypertrophy upper lower)
  • DUP (Daily undulating periodization)
  • Upper/Iower Pull and Push Ups

Crazy bulk Supplements

More protein drinks can give you unfavorable and bloated look.

Where to buy Crazy Bulk supplements
Crazy Bulk Products

This section has also the importance for nutrition and workout training regimen.

The more potent, safe, and the natural supplements are Crazybulk, the company has wide ranges of supplements such as cutting and bulking.

You can stack Crazy bulk supplements with other legal anabolic steroids alternatives such as D-Bal and Trenbolone.

These supplements can also give you the benefits of Creatine, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, And Whey Protein.

If you want to incorporate the additional supplements so, there is a choice of adding Probiotic/Digestive enzymes, ZMA, and BCAAs.

Still Not Working:

If there is no anyone tip is working. It is completely impossible but, somehow you can make yourself harder for gaining.

Missing anyone part may badly affect your body or some parts slightly.

Everyone get the different amount of results on their body. The best option is to know what makes your muscle grow.

New Plan:

When it comes to the reaching towards your goals, try to do more for getting an impressive result.

But, when these all methods do not work for your goals so, get admission in the gym and make it possible.

Getting to the gym is more typical part and need motivation or dedication. Once you make your mind and begin ward up so, many things are much easier to perform.

Whenever you are upgrading yourself, so it becomes typical to find out the motivation for the workout. But, the psychological factor plays more role for developing the huge motivation and commitment.

Individuals with high motivation may rapidly reach towards the goal with an enjoyment.

Check out your workout time because it impacts a lot on the person. There are different workout time period like morning, evening, and the night as well.

Performing workout in a morning can improve the mental focus and tone up your body as well.

Make you select the healthier food choices and teaches you about disciple for performing the normal hard work and improved them.

In the evening, the chances of physical performance are usually high as compared to normal. This time is less stress full and allows you for training a longer time period.

Lengthier warm-ups are related to more improvement and long-term performance.

Some are finding a very relaxed atmosphere to perform an easy task.

Nobody tells you that it is simple, everyone said it is worth.

You must lift heavy for building up muscle mass. By incorporating a variety of exercises and supplements can increase the body size.