N02 Max Review: Effective Or Not? Find Out Now! [2019]

N02 Max by Crazy Bulk is the nitric oxide booster which is designed to improve the blood flow around the body.

When the blood vessels are dilated the blood supply will be enhanced which brings up the special kind of ingredient called L-Arginine.

No2 Max

With N02 Max you don’t need another L-Arginine supplement, because it fulfills the daily requirements with more pronounced effects like weight loss, muscle building, and great sexual performance.

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is a type of amino acid, which is also available in a form of dietary supplements these days.

The real purpose of L-Arginine is to produce a heap of Growth Hormones which bodybuilders require to stimulate their physical performance.

L-arginine can also be obtained from diets such as dairy, fish, nuts and seeds, legumes and seaweed.

It’s a potent source of protein which is great for any physical workout; the compound also treats sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and also elevates the sexual performance in men.

L-Arginine supplements are so many nowadays, choosing the right supplement will give you an agreed dose of L-Arginine which you can use for energy enhancing purposes at the gym.

How N02 Max Work?

N02 Max is the richest source of essential amino acid, which your body demands especially if you are into bodybuilding.

The main factor why you need essential amino acid during bodybuilding is to increase the energy supply which helps your body achieve greater results in a shorter amount of time.

By giving your body a large dose of L-Arginine, N02 Max improves the blood flow in your body which then produces heaps of Nitric Oxide, a powerful muscle stimulant which creates mental and physical energy all around and lets you work out harder than usual.

The effective dose of essential amino acid like L-Arginine is healthy for the immune system and it also helps in reshaping male’s fertility.

The supplement is also designed to enhance the level of HGH which in turn maintain glucose level and keep your endurance level to the peak.

With Nitric Oxide you can decrease the amount of ammonia from your blood and help in body detoxification, the results are no muscle fatigue and remarkable enhancement in stamina.

The level of HGH in your body defines the overall performance and the weight you can lift.

Who Is N02 Max For?

Bodybuilders and athletes who want to gain faster results with their training days and to improve their physical structure.

The formula inside N02 Max helps you reduce weight because where else you will utilize all that amount of energy.

Those bodybuilders who are scared of their muscle wasting condition can use N02 Max for its muscle growth effects.

Men who are physically fragile and feel lethargic so frequently can use N02 Max for an ultimate burst of mental and physical energy.

The supplement makes you consume the essential amino acid which you don’t really get from the dietary intakes.

Normal L-Arginine is known to increase body strength, exceeding its dose can impact on muscle synthesis and makes you more alert and sharp.

Who Is It Not For?

N02 Max is not recommended for the patients who are having kidneys and liver diseases.

The supplement is known to lower blood pressure and cause diarrhea, so individuals with electrolyte imbalance cannot use this supplement.

No2 Max Ingredients

You can only use N02 Max if you are performing daily physical exercise because this supplement is used to enhance stamina, energy gains and endurance level during the workouts. But it depends on your workout priorities, whether you are targeting the cutting phase or bulking.

Individuals with the following conditions cannot use N02 Max:

  • Cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure
  • Those people who have a history of tachycardia (increased heart rate)
  • Pregnant women
  • Liver failure
  • Men who are taking male enhancement pills

Benefits of L-Arginine to the Health

  • Increase physical performance
  • Protect cardiovascular health
  • Protects the immune system
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Increase brain performance
  • Strengthen the blood vessels

N02 Ingredients

In each tablet of N02 Max, you will find

  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate- 1,800 mg
  • DiCalcium Phosphate- 80 mg

The dose is approved for the safe use and is not related to producing side effects.

N02 Max Dosage Recommendation

The daily requirement of L-Arginine for a healthy person is 3-4 grams per day.

The daily dose of N02 Max gives you 3,600 mg or 3.6 gram of L-Arginine which is just under the safety measures.

This quantity is enough for speeding up the muscle synthesis process and for faster recovery.

Some people use it before sleeping, which is not a healthy trick to follow; the pills are to be taken before starting a workout due to their energy enhancing effects.

No other drinks except a plain glass of water are advised to take with the supplement, for better results you are appreciated to use N02 Max for at least 2 months.

It is recommended not to exceed the normal dose, the occurrence of side effects from the overdose of L-Arginine is considered dangerous for health.

About L-Arginine and N02 Max Side Effects

N02 Max poses no direct threats to your health system, but once it is been used in high doses chances are you are going to experience these side effects.

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Low BP
  • Difficulty in Breathing

According to the FDA, the use of L-Arginine is safer if taken in recommended doses, this is the reason why you can find this amino acid supplements over the counter because it’s usually safe.

N02 Max Customer Reviews

No2 Max Before and After

I never experienced this kind of energy before, 5 stars from my side!!

Jonathan, Florida, USA

I was a victim of excessive lethargy; my wife pushed me to go to the gym, which was a difficult thing for me. Within only 10 minutes my strength levels were drained and I couldn’t get my head straight.

Using N02 Max for just a week brought a handful of changes in me both physical and mental, It been 6 weeks and my entire physical performance level is elevated with the maximum potential to generate perfect body mass.

Dave Rogen, Mississippi, USA

Got me really fired up to love this stuff, great product.

Biran Gieg, UK

Final Thoughts

Human body can only produce amino acid if they are taking healthy diets which naturally aid the process of L-Arginine synthesis.

As we can see L-Arginine can have positive effects on men’s body, it is for the heart, act as an anti-inflammatory, boost endurance level and speed up the healing process.

Buy No2 Max

Lack of this amino acid causes potential damage to your health, starting from oxidative stress and slow metabolism, which results in weight gain in most individuals.

To overcome the deficiency of L-Arginine, supplements like N02 Max plays an important role by providing an effective dose of L-Arginine which boost Nitric Oxide production and hence takes your fitness objective to a whole new level.


Q1: Is N02 Max by Crazy Bulk real steroid?

A: No, N02 Max is a legal steroid which means it is completely safe for human health, unlike the anabolic steroids. They work by mimicking the steroid-like effects and gives results with no alarming symptoms like liver failure and cardiovascular sufferings.

Q2: Is N02 Max By Crazy Bulk legal?

A: N02 Max is legal all over the globe, there are no prescription requirements to buy this product and you can get it quite easily online.

Q3: What is the right place to buy L-Arginine supplements like N02 Max?

A: L-Arginine Boosters like N02 Max is available at the official site of Crazy Bulk which also has dozens of other legal versions of steroids. You can get L-Arginine supplements from Amazon, eBay or GNC but not when it comes to N02 Max which is only being sold on the official page.

Q4: How long before I can see the results with N02 Max?

A: Usually, a mediocre L-Arginine supplement takes about 3-4 months for the result to be delivered. N02 Max under strict diet and exercise regimen can take maximum 2 months to deliver the best possible results.

Q5: Are results from N02 Max permanent?

A: In most men and women, the results from N02 Max remain for about a year, although they used it for just 2 months. The key is to maintain a healthy diet plan and keep your body into some sports.

Q6: What are the dangers of L-Arginine supplement?

A: L-Arginine benefits certainly outweigh the cons, L-Arginine may interact with the blood pressure medication and cause hypotension in some individuals. The dangers of L-Arginine occurs only if the user has taken too much of the daily dose.