Natural Bodybuilding – The Complete Guide for 2019

The bodybuilding is an interesting sport that comes with obstacles too.

Some guys are really crazy and look buffed or meaty in the different sport and the bodybuilding.

bodybuilding guide for men and women
Natural Bodybuilding

There is also a debate come for anabolic steroid users and the natural bodybuilders.

The natural bodybuilding is a while interesting conversation on different bodybuilding forums.

According to many individuals, natural bodybuilding is simply a joke or wasting your time.

One question is still unanswered that natural bodybuilding comes with a pain?

The natural bodybuilding is really surprised you.

The natural bodybuilding is possible through natural, hard training workout, and the discipline.

Why Natural Bodybuilding Is Important?

There are many celebrities who have built up his body naturally as you hear the names of Brandon Beckett, Jordan stick land, and Heather, and Jordan Stick land.

They never touch anabolic steroids for a while.

The professional level athletes are really build up the good musculature without using any drug.

Pro bodybuilders have impressive muscle physique and the reason behind this is the testosterone level and thickness of the bones as well.

The person should have a good genetics or the balance level testosterone to get a good result.

The good level of testosterone results in the big or muscular frames structure of the body.

Whenever someone is asking about natural so, it means there is none of the steroids, cheating, and the testosterone therapy is involved.

There are many factors are depended on the growth of muscle and developing your physique in which some of them are mentioned below:

  • Chemistry of the body
  • Rate of stress
  • Frame
  • Age factor
  • Muscle insertions
  • How your body responds to training
  • Distribution of muscle fiber
  • Workout training
  • Nutrition strategy
  • Sleep cycle
  • Overall health

The natural lifter always concerns about the level of body fat around 25%, 17%, and 10%.

10 Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

They are more conscious about the Abs appearance.

You can easily identify natural bodybuilders by looking the sign of steroid consumption in their body such as they don’t have any bad sign gynecomastia, steroid gut, and the water bloating.

The second most common way is to estimate a natural status by combining the height and weight of the body to the table of natural bodybuilding.

There are many benefits of following natural bodybuilding in which few are listed as below:

1)Your Organs Stay Safe And Healthy:

The organs are the most important part of the body and responsible for performing different functions of the body.

Damaging any organ of the health may interfere with your overall health.

The most common side effects of anabolic steroid is that raises the cholesterol level that may increase the rate of heart attack.

The other area of affecting is the liver where it raises the toxicity and then damage.

The long-term and overuse of anabolic steroid can enlarge the organs due to performing more in a natural bodybuilding.

There is a difference in the effects of oral and the injectable anabolic steroids. Sometimes, it may be fatal for your life.

The natural bodybuilding is free from any type of harsh or illegal drugs so, you can prevent your health from any kind of drastic side-effect.

Although, you can easily incorporate the supplements into your routine or diet.

2) No Physical Nasty Side Effects:

Despite internal effects, anabolic steroids have also the physical effects such as hair loss in men and acne breakouts.

Overuse of anabolic steroids may cause steroid gut, gynecomastia, and bloating sign in a man while the women suffer from deepening of voice and growth of body hair.

Mostly, there are many bodybuilders who end up with the artificial or 3D look.

If you choose the natural direction for bodybuilding so, you are more likely to develop, lean, or muscular body and you don’t need to worry about these complications.

3) Illegality Issues:

Mostly, the steroid users and many celebrities suffer from the legality or illegality tissues.

They have a fear of exposing their frauds. They are feeling confused whenever they are selecting for any type of interview.

They usually avoid an interaction to a social media in order to hide their status of the drug.

Their voices are irregular, lips syncing, and needless to say any of the things. They are more likely to end up the losing friend.

The natural bodybuilding have none of these issues, you can easily feel the confidence and feel free to give an interview.

4) Your Mental Status Does Not Turn Into A Psycho:

As similar anabolic steroids interfere your sexual life. Similarly, it can affect the hormones level in your body. The hormone imbalances or fluctuation may affect your mood.

You turn into a psycho when the hormone level of your body is disturbed.

When you are gaining nothing with the use of anabolic steroid so, you can end up with feeling depressed, agitated, and lonely.

5) Improved Sex Life:

Life is bad when you are not able to get up and feel lethargic every time.

The fatigue, lethargy or low-sex drive is associated with the anabolic steroids.

Ever wonder, that steroids are used for enhancing the performance so, why they are lowering an energy level.

The synthetic hormone is responsible for increasing muscle mass and improved strength of the body.

But, another side it is also the sex-dominant means when you practice anabolic steroids for long-term so, it may interfere with a production of testosterone and the Human Growth Hormone.

Through disturbances in a natural level of the hormones, results in disturbances in the sexual life.

More commonly, results in a low sex drive, and shrinkage of the testicles.

In the case of women, they observed enlarged clitoris, reduced libido, and shrinkage of the chest.

By following the natural ways, you will keep your love life spark, healthy, or an energetic.

6) Easily Pass Drug Test:

To become a good bodybuilder or a sports athlete, you should pass the drug test to enter into the competitive or professional bodybuilding or take a step forward.

There are many different kinds of the bodybuilding federations that conducted the test to identify the steroid user and the natural bodybuilder.

Most of the federations did not have any strict rule to test although some federations are conducting a very strict test.

The very common methods are the blood test, and urine test while strict tests are involved in lie detector and other.

No matter how the test is, there are a lot of individuals who are trying to cheat by following the different methods such as avoid to take the doses prior to completion, use an artificial sample of the blood and urine, and others.

Many athletes are suspended from the sports due to these issues.

In the natural bodybuilding, you don’t have a fear of the drug test.

7) You Don’t Need The Prescription:

The bodybuilders prefer the consumption of anabolic steroids to develop their body. The anabolic steroids are harder to get because they always require a prescription.

Somehow, individuals receive illegal drugs from the black market and begin steroid practice to get ready in a competition.

The illegal drugs that are transported from the black market are contaminated and come with many side-effects.

Most of the peoples put their health into a risk instead of taking benefit from anabolic steroids

In a natural road, you do not need to get any type of prescription and you can feel free to achieve the goals.

8) No Need To Suffer From The Injection And Needles:

Generally, the intermediate-level bodybuilders who are in the middle of their cycle are experiencing needles and injections.

The steroid cycles basically consist of many anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone, Anavar, And Clenbuterol.

The natural bodybuilding is entirely different because you don’t need to suffer from any harmful injection or needles.

Simply, you can take all of the alternative and natural supplements to achieve the goals.

9) Athletic Physique:

The steroids help you to develop athletic physique but long-term use, overdose, and the stacking may contribute to developing nasty effects such as steroid gut, gynecomastia, and 3D look as well.

Usually, the steroid users are conducting the PCT or Post Cycle Therapy to reduce the side-effects.

The purpose of PCT is to minimize effects from the liver and to balance the estrogen level.

Well, the steroid users can rapidly develop their physique within a short period of time while the natural bodybuilders require 11 years of the training as well.

With time and hardworking, you definitely get ripped, lean, and shredded body.

The athlete on the steroids can easily gain the 10kg per month but they also suffer from the depression, health problem, and low level of testosterone.

10) Strong And Strength:

For many reasons, you should have the strength or strong instead of only putting the muscle mass to your body.

To get the bigger or strongest muscle, you need to lift heavy weight.

The instinctive training is the best and wonderful training for the growth and gets maximum muscle mass.

The drugs are more likely to fuller your body by developing less strength.

Some Of The Obstacles Related To A Natural Bodybuilding

There are many Pros of a bodybuilding but according to some people, there are some dark sides.

rules for natural bodybuilding
Bodybuilding rules

You are hitting the gym like crazy and people often ask you how do you do even workout?

It’s completely heart wrenching that you have spent 4 or 5 years on the training and don’t you like the train.

Achieving good physique is most crucial but, some of them tried many efforts and the finally begin to take low doses of anabolic steroids and stop taking steroid before competition thus, they are known as the Fake natty.

If you did not see any results so, check out these following points which are mentioned below:

Check Out Workout Regimen

If you are more concern about to see the result so, it is recommended to check the workout regimen.

When you are following a natural bodybuilding so, it is more important to look up at the workout plan.

If you are lifting heavy too much make sure, you take proper rest and nutrition as well.

Do not confuse that excessive workout may give you faster results.

Nutrition for Muscle Growth

The growth of muscles and level of hormones are directly proportional to what you actually intake.

The best workout with a combination of alcohol, sweets, and the fast-foods.

You may feel better by sticking the balanced and basic diet that is combined with a quality of proteins, fats, and the carbohydrates as well.

The testosterone boosting ingredients are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, chard, and cabbage.

These vegetables are the best to produce more testosterone and lower the estrogen level.

Muscle Building Supplements

Together with diet and nutrition, natural supplements are more important in the bodybuilding program.

Buy Crazy Bulk Steroids

The supplements are effective and playing a role to overcome the deficiency.

You can get all types of supplements from the Crazy bulk such as cutting stack, bulking stack, and the strength stack.

Some of the most common products are Clenbuterol, Anvarol, And The Testo-Max.

These supplements are made up from the scientifically proven natural ingredients.

The Natural Bodybuilding And Patience

It is a very well-known that the natural bodybuilding is very slow and time-consuming process.

Unless you have a superior human genetics and following a couple of years of diet and a workout.

The most important part of the natural bodybuilding is that you should have patience.

If you don’t have patience so, you are more likely to suffer from struggles.

You must have patience or dedication towards your field and always remember these things.

  • Hard work
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Genetics
  • Determination

You should know why you started the natural bodybuilding and what is a right route to take is and how to ignore the doubters and prove them wrong.

Motivate yourself by looking at the guys pictures of the world natural bodybuilding federation website.

Stick with a program and never lose your hope and train yourself from 11 to 12 years of the training. No matter, how the results are slow.

In the bodybuilding, the actual winners are those who gain naturally without developing any side-effect.

All you need to is just focus, dedication, and waiting for results that amazed you.