Top 5 Foods That are Rich Source of BCAAs

The need and significance of BCAAs- branched-chain amino acids is better understood when you embark on a fitness journey.

Now this journey would revolve around different objectives and goals set by you.

best sources of BCAAs

Either it is the muscles you aim to pack or the shrinking of waist you are looking forward to.

But regardless of the either two- your body does and will need BCAAs.


BCAAs are very imperative nutrients which our body needs but is unable to produce naturally.

If we put it simple, these are the proteins that we acquire from our dietary intake so that the body is able to utilize them when it needs the required dose of energy.

Now there are three certain amino acids which join together to form BCAAs, these are:

  1. Valine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Leucine

So why are your fitness goals reliant on them?

Basically, the amino acids are proven for:

  • Giving a pace to the muscle recovery process.
  • Increasing the exercise performance.
  • Speeding weight loss.
  • Boosting the muscle building process.
  • Preventing fatigue.


Essentially, the amino acid can be acquired through supplements aimed for supplying BCAAs to your body.

It is in fact, the most common route bodybuilders take to ensure their body is getting the right amount of BCAAs needed by them.

However, things tend to be different for some who choose to go the dietary way.

Well, if you are one of those who fall in the second category, you need not to worry at all.

You have a plethora of high protein foods that serve as the perfect source of amino acids your body is in need of.

If you need to know what these foods really are- then have a look:

1) Chicken breast

This food is commonly recommended by the bodybuilding/fitness experts for this is something that is considered to be a must-have in the diet plan of fitness enthusiasts.

Basically, chicken has poor fat content but; it is a rich source of BCAAs.

If we talk about the figures, the source supplies a sum of 6.6 grams of the amino acids in 170 grams of the poultry.

This makes it one of the highest BCAAs-bearing foods vital for mass gainers and those trying hard to budge the scale.

2) Tuna

If you search about BCAAs, you will notice that Tuna is the most common food recommended almost everywhere.

This is because it is no less from Chicken when it comes to the BCAAs content possessed by it.

However, experts have always prioritized chicken over tuna for one apparent reason.

Basically, the saltwater fish supplies a high amount of mercury which is understandably, toxic for us.

Thereby, you need to be very careful while getting yourself Tuna.

Prefer a brand offering the least concentration of mercury, as well as other harmful metals.

3) Whole eggs

Now this source is the most budget-friendly and the most convenient for all.

It bears everything to benefit you with whatsoever fitness goal you have for yourself.

For example, it has proteins that are a great support for mass gainers, on the very other hand; it has good fats that serve as the healthy way to weight loss.

More specifically, when you have an egg, you get yourself a supply of 1.3 grams of branched-chain amino acids.

Reasonably, the figure multiplies with the number of eggs you take in a day.

4) Turkey breasts

There are many reasons why people prefer turkey over chicken but one apparent reason is more taste.

And if you are considering Turkey for those BCCAs your body needs, there is nothing wrong with your idea.

The amount of branched-chain amino acids in Turkey is somewhat closer to that in chicken, which is roughly around 5.2 grams in a similar serving.

Hence you can give preferentiality to it; after all, you will be getting more quantity which clearly means extra servings on top of better taste.

5) Tilapia

If your budget is stretched, yet you are not willing to compromise on taste, then this is the ideal BCAAs source for you.

Tilapia- ‘strictly’ the one that is wild-caught, serves as an adequate source of amino acids your fitness goals are heavily depended on.

Then again, if we talk about the figures, you will get 5.9 grams of branched-chain amino acids through a serving based on 170 grams of the fish.


These were the best 5 foods you can consider and get for your BCAAs needs.

However, do not forget to hit the gym for this is the 50 percent, rest is ensured when your body begins to move in accordance with what you have planned for yourself.